Proudfit Hall

If you’d like to be able to rent/use Proudfit Hall, you must contact the library by calling 518-854-7463 during library hours or by emailing
*Scroll down to see the calendar, and to print out a rental-usage agreement form.


Proudfit Hall is available for both general public and library use. Rental fees collected for the space are managed by the Trustees of the Bancroft Trust for the maintenance of the building.

The Library Director and staff are responsible for keeping the scheduling calendar for the rental/usage of Proudfit Hall. The Proudfit Hall scheduling calendar will be posted on the Bancroft Public Library website.

The Library Director and staff are responsible for collecting any rental fees for Proudfit Hall. The Library Director is responsible for seeing that said fees are given to the Library Treasurer, who in turn will see that the fees are deposited into the account for the Bancroft Trust.

The rental fee for use of Proudfit Hall is $40.00 per 4-hour period or $75 for a full day payable at the time the key is picked up, prior to using Proudfit Hall. The rental fee for business or commercial use of Proudfit Hall is $80.00 per 4-hour period or $150 for a full day payable at the time the key is picked up, prior to using Proudfit Hall. Special pricing may be available for rentals by the same organization requiring multiple monthly rentals throughout the year.

The Library will have usage of Proudfit Hall for its needs, free of rental fees. The Library Director and/or staff should put the Library on the scheduling calendar as soon as those needs are known, and the space can be used for the Library’s purposes without advance notice if Proudfit Hall is not otherwise reserved.

Certain public groups will have use of Proudfit Hall based on its availability, free of charge. These groups are to be determined by the Library Trustees, in consultation with Trustees of the Bancroft Trust, but generally include all non-profit groups, charitable groups, and/or groups associated with the school/education.

Public groups able to use Proudfit Hall rent-free include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Friends of the Bancroft Public Library
  • Town of Salem
  • American Legion
  • American Legion Auxiliary
  • Salem Central School, and affiliated groups
  • Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
  • 4-H
  • County agencies
  • Homeschool groups
  • Salem Fire Department
  • Salem Fire Department Auxiliary
  • Salem Rescue Squad
  • Salem Rotary Club
  • Salem Area Senior Citizens
  • Salem Area Women’s Club
  • Groups raising money to benefit others

When the library is using the space, the Library Director and staff are responsible for following the guidelines set by the Bancroft Public Library Board of Trustees and the Bancroft Trust for usage of Proudfit Hall

The rules for use of Proudfit Hall community room and are as follows, and will be clearly posted within Proudfit Hall. If these rules are not followed, there will be an additional charge for repairing damage, cleaning and/or garbage removal:

  • Anyone using the Proudfit Hall community room, kitchen and bathrooms shall leave it clean, in good condition, and arranged as it was found.
  • NO SMOKING or VAPING in building or outside including sidewalk and rear courtyard.
  • NO ALCOHOL allowed in building or courtyard.
  • Do not attach (tape, pin, etc.) anything on walls, doors or windows.
  • Heat should be left at 65 degrees.
  • Air conditioning shall be left at 75 degrees.
  • Plates, kitchen ware, etc. must be cleaned and returned to storage location, if used.
  • Tables must be wiped clean, if used.
  • Empty the refrigerator and freezer of personal items before leaving.
  • Users are responsible for cleaning the floor covering if soiled while using the room.
  • Garbage removal and clean up are the responsibility of the user.
  • Turn off all lights when leaving.
  • Turn off power to automatic door and lock the entrance door.

Those reserving a room must be 18 or older. If an adult reserves Proudfit Hall on behalf of a group of children, an adult must be present for the duration of the meeting or event.

Groups reserving the room for a meeting or event may create posters or fliers about the event. All advertisements for meetings must prominently and explicitly state that the “BANCROFT PUBLIC LIBRARY AND BANCROFT TRUST IS NOT A SPONSOR OR CONTACT FOR THE EVENT. HAVING A MEETING AT THE PROUDFIT HALL COMMUNITY ROOM DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN ENDORSEMENT OF THE PROGRAM BY THE BANCROFT PUBLIC LIBRARY OR BANCROFT TRUST”. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the reservation for Proudfit Hall being canceled.

Business and commercial Proudfit Hall renters will provide the Bancroft Trust, P.O. Box 575, Salem, NY 12865 and Bancroft Public Library, P.O. Box 478, Salem, NY 12865 a certificate of (liability) insurance in the amount of $2,000,000.

The user assumes full responsibility for any personal injury and any loss or damage. The Bancroft Public Library and its Board of Trustees, and Bancroft Trust are hereby absolved from any liability resulting from personal injury or damage to personal property when using the Proudfit Hall. All users will be financially responsible for any damages to the Proudfit Hall Community Room, kitchen and bathrooms that occur while they are using the space. Failure to pay for repairing damage, cleaning and/or garbage removal will result in not being able to use Proudfit Hall for 5 years.

All users, paying or rent-free, are required to sign the Proudfit Hall – Rental Usage Agreement. All Proudfit Hall- Rental Usage Agreements expire December 31st. All Proudfit Hall – Rental Usage Agreements will be kept on file at the Library.

Approved: Bancroft Public Library Trustees on May 16, 2022.

Revised: Bancroft Public Library Trustees on June 13, 2023

Approved: Trustees of the Bancroft Trust on June 21,2023.

If you’d like to print out a rental-usage agreement form, please click –> HERE <–